Management Team

For the past 100 years, Manafort Brothers has built distinction from other construction firms. Our distinction has come from a diverse, self-performing workforce, outstanding design, excellent service, timely completion of projects and safety. We are proud to have performed a number of "first" projects. But the biggest testimony to our success is the volume of repeat business we have been awarded.

Our experience is the strength we leverage every day, for every project. This is what separates Manafort from conventional general contractors and construction managers. Beginning 100 years ago in demolition, we have evolved over the years into site development, remediation, concrete, civil and utility projects, highways and bridges, rail and mass transit and recently, nuclear decommissioning. Each project completed has further developed the experience and trust required to bid and win the next project. As a fourth-generation family owned company, we are ever vigilant to maintaining the trust of our clients.

While delivering against high expectations, we have been fortunate to have been recognized for exemplary performance:

  • Engineering News Record ranked Manafort the number one specialty contractor in the United States for the Excavation/Foundation category in 2000. Since then we maintain a top ten specialty contractor ranking.
  • In 13 years we have performed 34 parking garage projects. All of which have been completed ahead of schedule.
  • Designed, constructed and turned over a 1,500 space parking facility in just 7 months.
  • A 2,800 space parking facility completed and turned over 2 months ahead of schedule.
  • Performed first-ever design/build transportation project in RI, first-ever of its kind demolition in Boston.
  • As a follow-on to the trust we've built with clients some have included us in partnering programs, one in particular lasted 10 years.
  • We have never been terminated on a project by a client, nor have we ever failed to complete a project.
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We bring a team approach to everything we do. The selection criteria for our design-build partners, consultants, key suppliers and subcontractors always includes successful past performance as part of a team. This has led to long-standing partnerships. Our commitment to working as a team is to accomplish everyone’s desired end-result -- a project that all participants can call a success. This commitment, along with the appropriate resources and hard work, has been the Manafort formula for success.

Manafort Brothers Inc.